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Get back 2+ HOURS in your day without sacrificing your career (and sanity)?

so you can actually be more present with your kids, experience more happiness & feel more balanced?!

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As a Working Mom, You've worked hard for your success...

Yet lately, it feels like you aren't running the show, it's running you... ragged.

In fact, every day you wake up with a to-do list a mile long—and it never seems to get shorter.

Your inbox won’t stop buzzing with questions and assignments from clients or bosses.

You’re struggling just to keep going like this, and keep your family happy, while trying to get ahead in your work.



I've been there and that's why I created a solution that I want to share with you.

Here's the problem that I see over-and-over with moms living each day with...

All-or-nothing mentality

You judge your day based on how much you get done, if you don't get "enough" done, you consider it somewhat of a failure.

Dis-empowered mindset 

You don't take the time to see the opportunities because you're so stuck on "what's not working." This keeps you spinning your wheels.

Running on Default & Ego

You go on autopilot starting first thing in the morning (without even realizing it). Then you power through the day living by your to-do list. 

Before you know it... it's time for bed. You're exhausted and not feeling as accomplished as you'd like.

And you repeat the same pattern, day-after-day.


Fortunately for you... I've found the formula for a better way.

Courtney M. 

"Kristina showed me how I could actually make my dreams into a reality without stressing myself out. She is a great combination of encouragement and practicality who brings serious results!"


The Ultimate Mindful Mom Time-Saving Guide


The Definitive Method to Get back 2+ HOURS in your day without Sacrificing your Career Success. This will actually allow you to be more present with your family. And you'll find more balance in your day. So you can stop the toxic hustle and still get ahead in life.

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Mindful mom guide


  • The way to being more productive with the little time you do have.
  • How to save yourself a ton of headaches and wasted time.
  • Why it's so critical for you to live your best life (hint: so you can teach your kids good habits)
  • How to create a daily schedule that's a Win-Win-Win (for you, your family, and your work)
  • Why following your passion in your work/career helps you be a great mom

What's Included:

Plan out your Day & Week Template for Maximum Impact

A guide to setting yourself up for success each day without adding more stress to your plate.

Developing an Empowering Mindset

It is not as simple as just waving a magic wand and making life easier. Having the right mindset is key to making everything easier.

9 (Surprising) Habits You Need to Shift

These are the habits that keep you spinning your wheels. Learn what they are & how to overcome.

Reflective Journal Prompts

One of the best tools you can use for improving your mental health is journaling. In order to discover what's holding you back, I give you specific questions to reflect on.

How to Move Past Doubt & Fear

Tired of feeling like you are on the hamster wheel with your thoughts? You'll discover how to slow down your mind (which makes you much more effective).

Plus, Three Added Bonuses!

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Guided Meditation for Releasing Negative & Limiting Thoughts

Shift your thinking to replace negative, disempowering thoughts with new empowering thoughts to help you move forward quicker.

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EFT Training for Self-Confidence

EFT tapping is an acupressure technique used to remove energy blocks to help you overcome any resistance you feel in life.

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Abundant Mom Mantras

Re-program your subconscious to look for opportunities to get ahead. Repetition of these powerful mantras have proven to lead to life-changing transformation!

Margot S. 
Marketing Entrepreneur

" I am very excited to see what the next few weeks with Kristina's program reveal to me about myself and really looking forward to this next chapter of my life where I am more comfortable in my own skin."

Wait, I'm already short on time! Can I really do this?

Let's be really honest. You make times for things that are important.

If you are willing to commit 15-minutes a night to this guide, you will see results!

Change doesn't happen until you are ready to jump off the hamster wheel.

At the end of the day, you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

(Albert Einstein said that & he was a pretty smart cookie).

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Kelsey M.
Marketing Professional

"I've reduced my stress in my work and personal life. I've been able to put together an action plan with realistic goals that helped me become a better employee and better person overall."

Why should you trust me?

  • I don't just TEACH this, I LIVE this every single day.
  • I've spent the last 10+ years on my own personal growth journey overcoming anxiety, low self-esteem, and (severe) imposter syndrome
  • In my corporate life (including working at a Fortune 50), I climbed the ladder of success (in male dominated industries, nonetheless) straight into burnout. Then I discovered a BETTER WAY.
  • With my professional background in project management and education, I SET OFF TO CHANGE THE WORLD by documenting the processes that changed my life.
  • It's my goal to make the world a better place one mom at a time. 
  • I'm dedicated to helping others see their TRUE POTENTIAL.
  • I'm also a Mom of a beautiful baby girl and Wife to an amazing husband.

Hi, I'm Kristina Bentle...

I'm a personal growth & spiritual teacher. Also, an author, speaker, and recovered pessimist.

My growth journey began when I became a widow at the age of 24. In my life, I have survived a suicide attempt, abuse, and multiple tragedies. That's why I am here, to help others.

I've spent the last few years documenting the blueprints that helped me. I've been able to simplify those systems so that moms all over the world can see amazing results.

I'm thrilled that we've crossed paths because I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

Whatever you truly want in life, it's always within reach... Let me show you how.

The Mindful Mom Guide is For You if You Are:

  • Ready to take action
  • Passionate about living a life of freedom and balance
  • Sick of worrying about how to get ahead in life
  • Ready for things to be easier
  • Ready to identify and learn to face your fears
  • Willing to try something new!

The Mindful Mom Guide is NOT for You if You Are:

  • Stuck in your ways
  • Not willing to get outside of your comfort zone
  • You are skeptical about ever making life easier
  • Not an action taker
  • Not motivated to live your dream life
  • You don't think mindfulness is an important part of living a healthy life
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